Friday two days late, can I have a do-over?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Alright, so I had my Friday Love all set to go and I don't know what happened. Life. Not enough coffee. Yeah, basically not enough coffee because I never hit publish and well DUH here we are... but hey some LOVE is better than no love, right? I can see your censorious eyes, it's okay.  

Without further adieu here are my lovelies. 

M. Stratton released With a Twist, book #9 from The Club. It's hot. The cover is panty dropping. Yup I said it. I mean really, who doesn't love tight black bodysuits and electric blue something. Just me? Okay, well pick it up HERE without delay. I'm writing a book for The Club in December so more deets to come. 

Felicia Tatum has a paranormal novelette, Unbound Desires out. Say that three times fast and don't let the Vampire in there bite ya. I haven't had the opportunity to pick it up yet but it looks really good. Let me know what you think. 

Emerson Shaw has a hot teaser and a deal for KU subscribers:
***FREE on kindle unlimited***
Straight Flushed:

Michelle Dare 
★.•**•.★New Release★.•**•.★

Lia Fairchild 

-----> LIAR <-----

I'm a real sucker for pretty covers and the fact that I feel like I know Gray and Daniel in the book isn't too bad either. :-) Check out this great book.

XOXO - m.c. cerny


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