Friday, June 26, 2015

Hey Flashers! I've been a busy little bee in the cave writing and editing like mad. Seriously. I have quite a few books coming out in the next few weeks and little time. I'm excited. I hope you're excited. I've poked my head out of my cave to even blog about it. Ha! I've also been working on branding and logos and all that fun marketing stuff that makes me want to hide under a rock or write a good cliffhanger lol...
The amazing, Sommer, from Perfect Pear Creations designed my new logo and I'm in love... You'll be seeing this crop up on my new material coming soon.

I have two books currently available on preorder... Deviation (hot student/teacher romance with a twist) and Summer Ever After (the extended full length version of the novella One Summer). Phew... it's now or never, my dears!
Special preorder pricing of $3.99 for both.
I hope all of you have been keeping tabs on my NIGHT OWL sexy short stories... Serial #3 released today and I think you'll like seeing how things are panning out in RADIO SILENT for Casey and James. Short #4 will have a *crossover* from one of my other books OMG. Yes, and I'll leave you to speculate just who and why. :-) * evil snicker*
 m.c. cerny

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