Love was never supposed to happen...

Thursday, September 6, 2018

That's exactly how Lilah feels about Sam. Who needs the Playboy Prince of Darkness (sorry Denmark) to complete her life anyway? Certainly not college graduate Lilah Edison, heir to Lady Shaffer and her small farming estate. She has plans. Big plans that don't include the overbearing playboy of pleasure. Now if only she could rid herself of her little V-card problem to anyone other than Sam... she might actually be able to resign herself to a loveless marriage and birthing an heir and a spare for the good of her country.

Sam has other plans, ones that don't involve a mouthy lady with dirt under her nails and a flirtatious streak that has his property manager drooling over her... cookies. He might have to marry her, but he doesn't have to like it and plans to slake his desires elsewhere. That's fine, right up until the moment a shy beauty ends up in his club of kink and under him, literally. 

When the blindfolds come off and the truth is revealed, how far with this Royal Disaster go?

Royal and Reckless is LIVE!! 
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