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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Rite of Passage by Mandee Mae
Haley knew she had a lot to learn since she pretty much grew up in a bubble. She just didn’t realize the classroom wasn’t the only place she was going to be taught new and exciting things.

Deviation by M.C Cerny
Deviation: an action, behavior, or condition that is different from what is usual or expected. Example: Edith and Jack deviate from the acceptable student teacher relationship.

The Life Plan by Phalla S. Rios
Everything was perfect, until the middle of my senior year. Our art teacher succumbed to bad health, leaving us with a substitute--and my plans turned to flames, turning into ashes. I thought I wasn't going to fall anymore. But the moment I laid eyes on Mr. Tomlinson, I begin to fall all over again. This can't be happening…

The Teacher's Pet by Niquel
The Cunningham twins looked alike but were polar opposites. When Maxine Sheppard, the sexy English teacher, arrived, they had one common goal: becoming the teacher's pet.

Unwritten History by Missy Johnson and Carly Grey
We met online. We’d been friends for nearly six months before we finally met. Sparks fly. Things happen. I don’t know what it is we have, but then again, I’m only seventeen. He thinks I’m twenty, because that’s what I tell him. But Secrets never stay hidden for long.

Debating Number Ten by Amalie Silver
His goal was ten. Ten notches on his bed post before seducing his debate coach, Miss Shields. Will Simon reach his ideal woman, or will he end up Debating Number Ten?

Teach Me by Elle Bright
History belongs in the past. Or so Savannah thought, until her new history professor decides to teach her a thing or two…

Back to School by Vicki Green
Emma Danielson's last year of College and with bartending at night she's walking through life like a zombie. But, when the new teacher walks into her music class she definitely wakes up and takes notice. Josh Tyler's playing and singing at bar's and practices doesn't give him much time but, when he walks into the first day of his new music class and notices a beautiful girl sitting in the back, a fresh set of issues arise and a whole lot of trouble.

Love Lessons by Liv Morris
Desperate to find a teaching job after graduating college, Tali Tillman returns to her high school to teach English Literature. One of her students and star quarterback, Daniel Johnson, begins to fail her class, so Tali's asked to tutor him after-hours. Lines between teacher and student become blurred, but will they be crossed?

Extra Credit by Nicole Blanchard
If nothing else the expensive education at St. Christopher's College should have thoroughly instilled upon Eve Stratton the virtues of avoiding risks. But much like her namesake, all it takes for her resolution to be swayed are the smooth words of a charming devil. And Theodore Drake, her new professor, may as well have come with a warning label. Even though she’s well aware that a relationship could mean ruin for them both, there's nothing more alluring than the temptation.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Can you feel the anticipation? Ready for book two in the Reed Series? Or is my anxious energy sending you racing for the hills? Me too! All of your favorite characters from book one will be back to join in the shenanigans and hijinks of the Reed Software and Securities Company.
Jacob, Katie and Hauk will return to cameo as you get to know Simon and Cassie in the second high paced installment of monkey business. Eli is of course up to no good and we'll get sneak peaks at new characters who have decided to join the group.
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Everything you’ve ever loved could be gone in a FLASH.
Jacob Reed has it hot for Katie Wilson,
and nothing will keep him from her, now that he's gotten a second chance.

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One Summer - because I love a good party :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I may be a tad trigger happy when it comes to sharing my love of Roman with all of you... and really what better way than to celebrate my Nighttides co-author Lisa Suzanne's new release of her book Second Opinion. Totally click the link and check it out. :-)

So without further adieu... nom nom nom on some Roman Winters XOXO

This awesome pic was found on Pinterest by my even more awesome PA: Angie. If any of you Flashers know this Roman 'look alike' please send him to NJ. Thanks!

(This is UNEDITIED and all mistakes are mine. O.o)




            I wake up arching my back, to find Abigail resting her head on my chest, a small hand under her cheek. Her scrunched up face is beautiful and blonde hair tickles my bare chest. I take a few of the strands between my fingers and rub them together, testing their color and silky texture. We’ve stayed in the past few days avoiding the rain, the outside world all together, ordering takeout and enjoying each other’s company and now I want to take her to see my boats and maybe invest a little more of her heart in mine.

            As I’m enjoying the quite space of time, her phone begins ringing with a low tone. It’s not enough to wake Abby, but enough that I give in to temptation and pick it up from the nightstand, slipping the charging cord out so I can hold it up. Reading it, it says incoming call from first name ‘Ex-Lucas the Loser’ and last name ‘unfortunate co-worker.’ I’m glad Abby has a sense of humor. I let it go to voicemail before I scan her call log. Several calls from Lucas show up over the last few days, none picked up or returned. I also notice that her dad has called just as many if not more times, again none answered or returned. My LA girl is avoiding the reality just as much as I am. A part of me wonders how long we can keep this going. I promise myself to make her answer the next call that comes in so we can figure out what we’re doing, as much as I hate that. I put the phone down and go back to watching her sleep.

            “Mmmph…” Abby grumbles a mostly unintelligible something.

            “Wake up beach bum.” I pinch her hip softly.

            “That’s Hollywood to you.” Her eyes open still filled with a sleepy smirk and she stretches up to meet me. Without words she’s crawling up my body, breasts slipping from her strappy tank tops and panties slipping off her hips taking my lips hungrily. Our passions equal and yet it’s another reason this girl is so well matched to me. God I want her to stay in Seattle. I can’t bare for her to go back to LA. If I could keep our little cocoon a bit longer I know I can convince her to make the decision on her own. Our tongues play, rolling, sucking and slipping deeper together. I nip her bottom lip to get her attention and move my hand to her free breast squeezing just enough to get a groaning whimper from her.

            “Today is boat day.” I peck her mouth again and hold her still to keep her from launching back into my lap, despite how much my dick would love to make contact with her sweet tight center.

            “Tomorrow, tomorrow can be boat day.” Abby is pouting and while I see plenty of advantages to giving in, I decide my cooler head has to prevail before we become mummified in my loft.

            “Toss a couple of days’ worth of clothes in one of my duffle bags and let’s hit the marina.” I tap her rear and she leans up on her elbows.

“Did you just spank me, Roman Winters?” Abby is coy and I know what she’s doing as she drags a fingertip down my chest. I roll us over so I am on top.
            “Pack wench or you’ll be the most unfashionable sailor on board.” I hold her still while she wiggles and tries her best, yeah her best to get me in a better position.

“Fine… but I need caffeine.”

“You’re plenty awake. We can grab some on the way.” I let go of her and run to the shower as she gives chase only to bang on the door mere fractions of a second before I can lock it. “Pack, Abigail.”

“Arrrg. You’ll be sorry, Roman!” I hear Abby yelling from behind the door and I laugh. She smacks the door hard and I imagine her hand must be smarting from the force of it. It seems like Hollywood has a little violent streak in her when she gets denied. Good. To. Know.                   


            Roman Winters thinks he can deny me and I’ll come running. He is kind of right. It’s been pure bliss these past few days cozy and holed up in the loft. Well… with the exception of my phone going crazy. I’m not back at work and don’t know if I plan to go back to LA at all at this point. I’m sure I could take the bar exam and maybe move up here or close or I don’t know. Feelings of guilt sweep through me and I’m conflicted all over again. Roman is still in the shower. He’s probably getting himself off so I can’t weasel my woman way into making him stay. Evil man, he should have learned these past few days that I would do it for him…

            I go back to the bed and crawl in, the sheets are still warm from our tumble earlier. I reach over the bed, hugging a pillow and grab my phone from the nightstand. The screen is flashing so I slide the bar across and see a selfie of Roman and I with the  Space Needle in the background. We haven’t had a chance to go there yet and I’m excited to have that as another first with this man. I check my messages. There are several from Lucas and more from my dad. Only one from Leah and while I’m sure it’s not an apology I delete them all. My plan is to deal with them after we do whatever it is that Roman has planned on the boat. 


            “Let’s take my truck to the marina.” Roman tells me as he picks up my bag and his and takes them down to his truck. We haven’t stepped inside since we came to Seattle. Anywhere we went we walked or took public transportation. It made me think of my car still sitting lonesome in Maddie’s driveway. I left her my keys in case she had to move it. “Whatcha thinking about, Hollywood?” Roman slips a lock of my hair behind me ear and I sigh because his touch is that good.  

            “Platypus.” I tell him thinking of my car and then I instantly regret the words out of my mouth.

            “Plat-a-what?” He asks as he puts the truck into gear and drives out of the garage under his loft.

            “Oh it’s nothing. Forget I said it.” I feel my face heat up a thousand degrees. Ugh. How will I explain this one?

            “Nuh uh. You can tell me now or I’ll pull this truck over and tickle you until you fess up. I know your soft spots, woman.” He has the gall to smirk at me and I wonder what I did karmically to deserve this now of all things. He flexes his fingers threateningly and I know he’ll pull the car over. “Abigail…” I know it’s my final warning.

            “Okay. Okay!” Roman pulls the truck over.

“I’m waiting…” I swear this man is impossible.

“It’s um my name for my car.” I cringe and wait for the laugh. Lucas looked at me like I was stupid for naming my car when I had told him all excited about it. I do feel stupid.

            “Platypus, huh?” Roman nods his head testing the name out.

            “Platinum Platypus, actually. You know, cause she’s silver.” I feel super self-conscious but Roman isn’t scrutinizing me. He’s just sitting there thinking. “It’s pretty shameless, I know.” I duck my head and hope to god my tan skin is hiding my embarrassment. 

            “Nah, it’s perfect actually. Makes me think I should ask if you would name my boat though. Not the one we’re sailing on this week, but another one I built that I planned on keeping.”

            “Really?” I squeak.

            “Yeah, she’s still in production so she’s not seaworthy yet, but we can take a look and you can think of something good for her.”

            “Oh Roman…” I don’t know what it is but the fact that he trusts me to name one of his boats is pretty cool and feels pretty serious. 


            We pull up to the marina and I see several things all at once. Several large ships decorated with an anchor logo and the initials R.W. sitting pretty right in the middle, beautiful shiny new hauls sitting in docks. Crews hosing them down and keeping them pristine while others seem to be doing things people in boat yards and marinas do. Hey, I’m from LA we don’t know jack about boats except these are big luxury ones.

            “Oh, my god, Roman, your boats!” I say pressing my nose to the window clearly impressed. I look back at Roman who is smiling shyly now. “How?”

            “I engineer the designs. I got a very nice backer and business partner who is letting me buy back shares in my company from the loan he gave me to start up.”

            “They’re beautiful.” I whisper looking back out the window. I knew Roman loved boats but this, this explains so much more about him and why he lives in Seattle but can take so much time off to go home to Gold Beach.

            “Come on, Hollywood. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little water?” Roman gets out of the truck and slowly walks around to my side opening the door and unbuckling my seatbelt to help me out.

            “Well… you know what they say about a man who makes big boats.” I mutter and he grabs my hand excitedly half dragging and propelling me up the dock to the boat we’ll be taking out.

            “Yup and if you’re lucky, I’ll even let you steer my big wheel.” Roman chuckles and we both know we're totally big cheeseballs. “Come on I want to show you around the deck and cabin before we take off.” I follow Roman as he puts our bags down inside and then takes me back on desk toward the front of the boat. We can see the marina, the little safe harbor we are moored in and the city of Seattle. It’s a gorgeous view and I take out my phone to take a picture of us. I frown noticing a text from Lucas. The top half of the message is telling me I need to call my dad at the office. It pisses me off so I slide the screen open and put the camera mode on to take the pic.

            “Here, let’s have Jeb take it for us.” Roman slips the phone from my hand and one of the crew members takes it from him. “Smile Hollywood, you make my boat look good.” Roman nuzzles the top of my head kissing me and I lean into his embrace. God I really do love this man.


            Yesterday we spent the day getting acquainted on my boat. I showed Abby around the deck, crew quarters and master quarters where we would be staying for the next couple days. We sailed out into the Pacific and enjoyed the sunshine. The chef on board created a delicious meal of fresh salmon and prawns and we drank far too much wine to be healthy. This morning I’m feeling pretty hung-over in a good way and my heart feels heavy and at peace listening to Abby sleep and the ocean gently rock us. 
            Abby is snuggled deep under the covers and from my angle all I can see is a mop of blonde hair against the starkness of my pillows and sheets. One arm is over her face and reaches out for the far side of the bed. A gentle snore pushes past her slightly parted lips still puffy from our kisses. The ever slight rocking motion of the boat is like a lullaby keeping us suspended in time. She is relaxed and quiet, a change for Ms. Bossypants and a chance for me to admire her.

“Abby, Abigail…” I nudge her gently, inching my arm around her middle squeezing.

“Mmmph.” She mumbles something unintelligibly as ususal and I sneak a kiss on her cheek.

“Wake up, Abigail. You know your arm hanging off the bed is boogieman bait…” I try to pull her closer to my side of the bed and I hear her breathing change, waking up.

“Nuh uh.” She utters.

“Um yeah, so you better get over here so I can protect you.”

“You’re weird.” She says not opening her eyes stretching a bit and I take that as my cue.

“Weird?” Abby knows by now I’m going to retaliate something fierce.

“Uh no, just, um… I didn’t say that. Mean that.” I roll over on top of her and push her arms up. “Hiya.” She says eyes glowing and smiling.

“Hiya right back, counselor.” I whisper before I start to slowly tickle her from her prone position. I know she’s fighting back a giggle so I increase my pokes and rubs in the spots that affect her most.

“This is non-consensual tickling!” Loudly reprimanding me I double my efforts.

“Say it and it all goes away.” I’m egging her on enjoying her wiggling body underneath mine.

“This offense is punishable in a court of law!”

“Eh, I’m a first time offender, just say it.”


“Prove it!” I kiss her neck and she’s pushing her hips up to move me but I’m much stronger just laying over her.

“Fine, Roman Winters has the biggest boat in the bay.” Ah there’s my girl.Um wait... just the bay?

“Just the bay?” I admit I’m hurt. After all she hasn’t seen all of my boats just the ones at the marina.

“Yes, just the fucking bay you torturer!” Abby lifts her hips up again and rolls them into my own. My dick is aching to be inside her again as we roll over again, this time I’m on the bottom.    

“That’s quite a potty mouth you have there, Hollywood.”

“So punish me, Sailor.” Abby is taunting me. I let my head fall back on the pillow and take a deep breath. She’s crawled her way over on top of me, kissing and licking. I don’t want to have to do this but if I don’t I fear we’ll be cocooned forever with this elephant in the room.

“Abby, Abby…” She gently bites my nipple and even though that doesn’t really do it for me something about my girl’s mouth anywhere on my body is exciting. “Abigail, please, one sec.” God, she’ll make me beg as much as I make her beg. I take hold of her arms and hold her steady. Her eyes are heavy lidded with passion and something else I can’t describe.

“What is it?” She bites her bottom lip and chews it nervously. I set her astride me holding her hips in place so she can’t wiggle out of the conversation.

“The elephant, Abby.” I say not very articulate. I watch her eyes widen with surprise.

“Uh, Roman, I’m not calling your co--.” I put my hand over her beautiful dirty mouth.

“No, Abby. I mean… what we’re not talking about.” I keep my hand over her mouth until she licks my palm. “Bad, Hollywood.” I tell her shaking my head no and already distracted. God I love this woman.

“I know. The phone calls.” I let Abby go and she slides off me to sit next to me, crossing her legs.

“Yeah, Abby, what do you want to do?” I watch her grab a long lock of hair twisting it over. I take it from her hand to pull it gently and get her attention back on me. Nothing this delicate and beautiful should be twisted and knotted.

“Honestly, I’m not really sure. Everything, I have is there, in LA, but…”

“But?” We stay silent a moment looking into each other’s eyes. Just then her phone rings lowly from somewhere inside the bedroom. We both look in the direction of the sound. “Answer it, Abby. Please.”

“I… I don’t know if I want to.”

“Abby, it’s not a question of wanting to, it’s a matter of doing it and then we’ll figure things out.”

“Roman.” A single tear slips down Abby’s cheek and I brush it away with my finger. Her tears are like precious diamonds, made from pressure and pains in her life not yet fixed. I desperately want to be the one to fix them for no girl this gentle and loving should ever have to cry.

“Answer it. I’m not going anywhere.” Abby takes a deep breath and gets up from the bed reaching into her bag she picks up the call on the third ring.

“Hey Dad, what’s going on?” I get up from the bed and head out to the deck to give her some privacy because it seems like the right thing to do. I can’t hear her conversation from out here so I just stand at the railing taking in the beauty of the ocean as my boat skips along the waves. I close my eyes and breathe deep asking for peace. Just as I’m about to take a walk to the upper deck I hear a cry from inside the suite.

“Abby, sweetheart, what is it?” Abby is on the floor curled into a fetal position crying loudly and I can’t make any words out. Her phone is laying on the carpet the call no longer ongoing. Is it her dad? The douche canoe Lucas? I don’t know how to help her if I don’t know what’s going on.

“Roman, it’s my sister. Leah has cancer and it’s just like my mom all over again.” The words set me back as I fall into auto pilot and pick Abby up in my arms. I sit with her on the bed and just rock her carefully. I’m afraid I’ll make it worse no matter what I say. I sure as hell can’t make it better.  

“Then let’s get you home, sweetheart.” I whisper in her ear and squeeze my eyes shut. I’m afraid I’m going to lose Abby...  because now I have to get her home and I don’t know if she even wants me with her…           

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