What happens when summer ends...?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Does summer really have to end, Flashers? As much as I love the fall and all things associated with it, such as scarves, pumpkin spice lattes and running marathons, I still love summer. Remember when I said we'd hear more from Roman Winters and Abigail Holliday?? Well their story isn't quite finished just yet... They still have to find one of those glass globes in Gold Beach and work out Abby's job situation, among a few other entanglements we'll say... Roman has a few demons of his own to work out so I couldn't possibly just leave them as they were in the Nighttides Anthology... So as promised, I will be writing "unedited" chapters of their story and releasing them here on my blog for all of you to enjoy. I hope you'll come back to Gold Beach with me and hang out. Roman and Abby have a few stormy seas to get through.
Want to read how it all started?
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I hope you love Roman and Abby as much as I do. :-)
M.C. Cerny

            Roman smiles at me and gives me one of those toe curling kisses, his tongue slipping past my lips, darting and playing with my own. A wave of heat crashes into me and I feel my body flush with desire. I love how he makes me feel even in the short time we’ve been… whatever… we’ve been doing. I grab the back of his neck to pull him closer to me. Laughing, he gently pries my lust filled hands from his body shaking his head no.
“Food, Abby. This man needs food if you want more of that.” Roman’s eyes sparkle with mischief.
“Don’t come back without my coffee.” I growl, displeased he’s leaving the bed and me.
“Of course, Hollywood.” He kisses my lips and nips the bottom one. A zing of arousal begins anew. Ugh. I should not want this man so much, but I do. Hopelessly, I can’t stop myself from wanting him.
“Go. Now.” I say to him. Roman smirks and he knows exactly what he’s doing to my mind and body. He pulls up the sheet and tucks me in.
“Go back to sleep, Hollywood. I’ll be back in few.” Roman tugs my hair and turns around picking up a discarded grey t-shirt from the floor. I watch the muscles in his back ripple and I think, holy hell this man is mine right now! My bitchy sister can keep my ex-boyfriend. Who needs broken toys anyway? I roll over on the bed and chop the pillow making an indentation perfect for my head. I listen to Roman leave the loft in the elevator and snuggle back into warm sheets and man smell. I let my eyes close and drift into sleepiness once again.
A sound outside the building jars me awake. Looking at the nightstand, Roman’s digital clock, which is pushed far back, probably from our shenanigans reads: 8:02am. I’ve slept for 16 minutes. Roman hasn’t returned from his hunt for breakfast yet. I’m overwhelmed at having said yes to staying with him for the rest of summer. What was I thinking? I don’t even know what that means and if I should have Maddie clean out the cottage so she can use it for other renters the rest of the summer. I’m still in bed enjoying the peace and thinking about how an hour earlier the man I wasn’t sure I even liked just blew my mind with the most passionate sex I ever experienced. My body still feels slick and thinking about Roman jumpstarts my arousal. I decide to find out more about Mr. Winters, while I have the opportunity.
            I pull the sheet from my body and let the cool air touch me for a moment before I slip from the bed and pad over to the dresser. I fumble through drawers and in the second one I find folded t-shirts of his. I take a grey one, matching his from earlier, and pull it over my head. It’s oversized and smells like saltwater and man. It has a boating logo on it I’m not familiar with, in navy but the lines are clean and sleek. Looking around, the upstairs is an open loft with metal railings that overlook the center of Roman’s space, windows are on all sides of the building. I can see a boat in the center of what he considers his workshop downstairs.
I take steps to the bathroom to freshen up. Another sleekly designed room, the space is optimized, silver metals, grey and brown stone fill the room. None of my things are in here and I figure our stuff must still be in the truck. I use my finger to brush my teeth and wash my face taking the towel from the bar. I feel more awake and step out. Along the wall, I see photographs in black and white of Roman and his parents. And boats. Lots of boats. Beautiful ones and big ones, but also small handmade ones where he’s standing off to the side or on them with sanding and hull painting equipment. Now I understand how he stays so fit. It takes an incredible amount of strength to maneuver around boats as large as these and elbow grease to keep them going. One of the photos is of Roman and his parents around a small boat. He looks proud and his parents flank him on either side. You can feel the love coming through the picture, radiating in their smiles. I want to touch it to see if one can capture that feeling, maybe bottle it up and save it but I find myself holding back.
            With a deep sigh, I find my purse which Roman has left for me on a table in the open room. I reach in to check my phone. Three missed calls. Lucas, Leah and my dad all in that dismal order. I decide to ignore Lucas. After all, we’re not a couple anymore. I ignore my sister, Leah, because she’s just being a bitch after having stolen my boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend my brain clarifies. I’m entitled to be angry and I don’t want her to make this all about her and how she did me some kind of favor. We’re not fucking twelve and this isn’t junior high school. I finally decide to call my dad since he is still technically my boss.
            My fingers slide across the phone screen and hit his contact number, my stomach bubbles a little with anxiety. “Hi daddy.” I say when he picks up his phone.
            “Abigail, where are you?” Dad is not one to be subtle.
            “In S-Seattle.” Oh for fucks sake, I’m an adult and my dad continues to freeze any intelligent thoughts transmitting from my brain to my mouth. I hear him sigh through the phone like he’s placating me.
            “Abigail, darling, when are you coming back to work?” He says. No ‘hey, how are you’ or ‘what happened between you, Lucas and Leah’ yeah dad is not empathetic at all.
            “Dad, I’m taking a break. We discussed this. I left you a five page brief outlining my summer plans.” Yeah a brief, because my dad doesn’t function with face to face communication or his children being assertive and living independently from under his thumb.
            “Sweetheart, we’d all love to take a break…” and here is where my dad starts to tighten the noose around me with guilt. “But paying your dues is how I got to where I am, just so you and Leah could have everything...” Yup… cue that guilt… I know my dad is right, but after busting my hump for three years, basically more than that, and now breaking up with Lucas, my mind is more than fried.
            “I just can’t. Not right now.” Selfish. I know I’m being selfish but the hell with it.
            “Abigail, a break is two weeks at the most. I’ve given you a month to sort yourself out. I need you back in the office taking some of these cases.” Dad’s tone changes and I know it’s either give in or get out.
            “I, I’m not sure I want to be a lawyer, dad, not after all this.” I feel my skin going from blissfully warm in Roman’s arms this morning to clammy and cool under the pressure of pleasing my dad.
            “Well, I’m not sure I can a hold a job here for you, unless you come back.” Dad’s really good with ultimatums and usually I’m caving before we even get to this point.
I don’t know how to respond so I chicken out. “Dad, my phone reception is cutting out, what’s that?”
“Abigail! You better get your ass back to this office before Labor Day!” Dad yells into the phone but I pretend to not hear him.
“Huh? I better go! Crssssshhhhh!” I make a funny noise and hang up on my dad. All I can do is stare at the screen before dropping it back inside my purse. I know its lame, but it was seriously the best I could do. I need to think about this. Do I want to go back and work under duress or lose everything I’ve worked for so far? I wasn’t even happy LA and I’m just starting to learn what happy looks and feels like here with Roman.
            It’s too much to think about so, I take the stairs down and stand before the boat. Roman’s beautiful boat and I feel myself beaming with pride for him. This one is wood and sanded so fine it feels like silk when I run my fingers over the grain of the boards. It’s painted a bright blue on the bottom hull with a white stripe at the top. Roman must have spent hours sanding and smoothing the boat to its perfect shape before applying the paint and varnish lovingly. I love that he’s created something so perfect with his own hands. I’m lost touching the boat and close my eyes thinking about the man who touched me just as gently merely an hour earlier.
            “Abby, I’m back.” Roman shouts from upstairs. “Are you hiding on me Hollywood?” I smile, he must have taken the elevator all the way up to the bedroom level.
            “Down here, sailor.” I call back. I can hear Roman skip down the stairs and the aroma of strong coffee is following him, permeating the air.
            “Coffee for my beautiful girl.” Roman puts his arms around me and in one hand he is holding the coffee just under my nose and the spicy scent is nothing compared to the man infront of me.
            “Mmm… Thank you. Roman, this boat… she is magnificent.” I feel his arms around me squeezing me tight, and after the conversation with my dad, I feel like Roman is my safe place in the storm.
            I slip outside after tucking Abby back into bed. My bed. She looked so delicious and sleepy, but a man has to eat if he’s going to satisfy his woman. So here I am outside my building thanking whatever higher power convinced Abigail Holliday to take a chance on me as I skip, yes, fucking skip to the nearest Starbucks. I place an order for two coffees and some pastries to go. I’m pretty sure nothing could ruin my day today. 
            I’m hungry so I sneak a bite of one of the sugar glazed items. As I turn around, my mouth full of sweetness, I almost bump into someone barely holding on to my coffees and the bag. “Whoa, sorry about that.” I muffle through crumbs and sugar not looking up because I’m in a hurry to get back.
            “No worries, Win, I wondered if I would see you in town.” My heart froze when I heard that voice, I turn back and look up this time.
            “Sasha…” I didn’t know what to say. Sasha Ackerman was one of the few women I dated somewhat seriously, though I never took her to my place, but I certainly spent enough time at hers right up until she gave me the ‘relationship ultimatum’ every guy hates.
            “Oh I know, it’s been awhile. I took that job in Chicago with my bank, but I decided to transfer back. I never did like the windy city. Seattle will always be my home you know.” Sasha smiles and I wonder if she thinks I’m still up for getting together. Awkward really.
            “Listen I uh… I’ve got to go, but it was nice seeing you. Welcome back.” I say casually and pray she doesn’t want to catch up.
            “Yeah, you too. I’ll give you a call sometime.” Sasha says backpedaling out of Starbuck s with her own coffee and making her way down the opposite block of mine. Ah shit. The last thing I wanted or needed was Sasha Ackerman sniffing around my place while I pursue Abigail.
            I leave Starbucks and walk back as fast as you can with two hot coffees radiating your hands and a bag of sweet goodies. Next time I’ll just man up and ask for the stupid paper carton so I’m burning my fingerprint identity off my fingers next time. I get inside my apartment and call out for Abby. “Abby, I’m back. Are you hiding on me Hollywood?” 
“Down here, sailor.” She says. I love this new nickname already. She’s not in the bedroom but I spy her downstairs next to my boat, my other pretty girl, and head towards her.      “Coffee for my beautiful girl.” I feel my chest ease when I put my arms around her. I don’t care if it’s too soon, you try having a several weeks long banter with a beautiful girl who won’t give you the time of day to only finally find heaven once you get her to play nice under the sheets. It’s heaven I tell ya.
“Mmm… Thank you. Roman, this boat… she is magnificent.” Can I totally keep this girl? Would it be creepy to just keep her here and not let her get away? Yeah, it would and it would take the fun out of our chase I’m sure but the way she touches my boat, my pride and joy just does something to me with her unsolicited admiration.
“I think you’re magnificent and by the way, who gave you permission to borrow clothes?” I say to her. Abby looks at me strangely and immediately I want to shove a post run gym sock down my throat. Abby is sensitive and I’m being a verbal asshole. “Kidding, Hollywood. Anything in my dresser, closet, floor, whatever are free game.”
“Even your umbrellas?” She returns the playfulness and I feel relieved. I make her wait a second thinking about it. I do have like thirty of them stashed in a closet and my punishment is her tweaking my nipple. I’m still holding the coffees so I’m screwed while I wince from the pain.
“Arrg. Seriously? Nipple twisting your coffee knight in shining armor? Not cool, Hollywood, I thought we had an understanding.” I tell her turning around to put our drinks on a work bench my hands on my hips as I walk her back against my boat.
“Not for all the umbrellas in this apartment huh?” She says and she makes a turn towards the staircase. Perfect.
“Nope. Not after this, brat.” She tries to get away and I grab her around her waist. She’s got a hold on the railing and I turn her in my arms. She isn’t really fighting me which I’m grateful for.
“So what punishment is my coffee baring, umbrella wielding knight going to dish out eh?” She says giggling.
“Oh I wouldn’t be so cavalier, Hollywood. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.” I gently push her down to sit on the step and she crawls up one to get away. I hold her one ankle and pray she isn’t a kicker.
“I’m not impressed.” She goads me. This woman has some sass and audacity.
“Oh you will be.” I push her shoulder with my other hand and she’s sitting back down on the staircase bare bottomed. I know this because I hid her underwear in my drawer last night for fun. I like that she’s bare under my t-shirt. I position myself between her legs and let my hand fall from her shoulder, down her chest and onto her knee. I squeezed her knee enough so she parts her legs ever so slightly and I lean in.
“The coffee will get cold.” She whimpers as I bite her bottom lip tugging it.
“That’s what the microwave is for.” I tell her and trace my hand from her knee to her thigh slowly, gently, tracing a pattern to her center in swirls like the ocean swells that would crash along the surf in Gold Beach. Her lips part and her mouth forms an O begging to be kissed.
“Ro-Roman.” Abby has shut her eyes, squeezing them closed and pants her next breath.
“Yes?” I don’t know if she’s asking a question or getting ready to yell my name. God I hope it’s the later. I kiss her open mouth again this time and slip my tongue inside. She closes her lips over mine and sucks my tongue hard.
“Cheater, you ate something sweet.” She whines and I can feel my cock strain against my pants as she sucks my tongue again swirling and tasting. I’d love to have her sweet mouth on my cock but all in good time.
“But not nearly as sweet as you.” I let my fingers inch closer to the lips between her soft legs and play on the outside parting them. I feel Abby scoot her bottom closer to me and I can’t help but chuckle. Clever girl.
“Tease.” She says between pants.
“Eager.” I tell her as I push her to lean back against the stairs propping her up on her elbows. The position can’t possibly be all that comfortable but here we are in the moment. A fucking incredible one at that. Abby does something unexpected and hooks her left leg up on my shoulder opening her dripping honey well open to me.
“You don’t know how eager, Mr. Winters.” Abby’s voice gets all sexy in the only way a girl whose primed can get.
“I aim to please, Hollywood.” I lay Abby back as far as she can go and without further preamble I hook two fingers inside her slick walls pumping her quickly, rubbing a third finger over her sensitive, swollen clit.
“Uhh, Uh, Ro.” Is all she can get out before I cut off any further dialogue by kissing her hungrily and thrusting my tongue and fingers in rhythm. Screw the pastries, fuck coffee; this energizes me more than anything this sorry planet has to offer me.
“Come on, princess, I’m waiting.” I kiss her neck sucking as she moans greedy for my fingers and I quicken the pace thrusting, her walls milk my fingers and her leg grips me closer. I use my hand and arm to brace her back against the stair and hold her head and neck in my palm gently while I thrust her core coaxing a pulsing sensation from her tight pussy.
“Ohh, Roman!” Abby shouts as she lifts her hips to meet my fingers pounding her now. She lets out a squeal and tries to wiggle away. I let her sit a moment on the step and keep my fingers pressed inside her rubbing the front wall of her pussy slowly as she comes down from her shaking. Her hands reach for my shoulders and around to cup my neck as she pulls me closer to her face, her breath hot and her top lip trembles.
“What makes you think I’m done with you, brat?” I growl looking into her pleasure happy eyes. Her pupils are dilated and she hasn’t caught her breath yet.
“Evil. You’re evil, Roman.” She says to me shaking and I slip my fingers from her wet core. I nod my head and help her stand up on the stairs. Her legs wobble and the reason makes me smile. I made Abby cum hard and she can’t deny our mutual hungry attraction.
“Pretty much, Hollywood. Now it’s time for my breakfast.” I hoist her over my shoulder and she flails a moment before I swat her bare bottom playfully. She shrieks, my little she-witch and I can’t help my laugh carrying her upstairs to the bedroom to enjoy my feast...     

10 Sexy Summer Stories - NIGHTTIDES ANTHOLOGY

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ten sexy summer stories to turn up the heat from some of the hottest new voices and best selling authors! Nighttides tells the stories of lost loves, new loves, passion rekindled, and sparks of lust that light a new a path.
Who needs the cabana boy when these 10 sizzling summer stories will melt your panties off...
A portion of our proceeds are being donated to Animal Ark.

If Wishes Came True by Lisa Suzanne
I wished I would get over the pain of a broken heart. I thought an escape to the beach with my best friend would make my wish come true.
My goal was to meet a sexy stranger and fall in lust.
Cue Ben, a sexy stranger traveling on business.
I made him promise that our week of fun would stay in California. He made me promise that I wouldn’t fall for him.
I’m not sure that either of us will be able to keep our promises.

One Summer by M. C. Cerny
Abigail Holliday is taking a break from the fast paced LA life. After working towards her law degree, under the thumb of her controlling father, Abby is looking forward to a summer of peace, with her boyfriend, Lucas. Instead, she’s left with more questions and disappointments as reality sets in. Heading north to Gold Beach, Abby finds Roman Winters, with not just her suitcase, but baggage of his own, and Abby is having feelings she doesn’t know what to do with. Why is the one man you want… the one you planned to be with, not on the same page? More importantly, why is the man you need to desperately avoid, the one always there, smiling, teasing, rudely annoying… and so, so attractive? It was just supposed to be One Summer, and now, it might just be something more…

Love, Nick by Laura Dunaway
When Liv Porter saw the Help Wanted sign for work as a summer nanny, she jumped at the chance. Little did she know when Nick Walters opened the door, her life would change instantly. Nick was tall, dark, and handsome, and more importantly, a wonderful dad, everything that Liv wanted. The only problem was she knew Nick would never feel the same for her. But sometimes, things aren't always what you think.
High Maintenance by Lia Fairchild
Lexy’s apartment is a dump, but she refuses to move in with her controlling fiancĂ©. Instead, she takes matters into her own hands, getting down and dirty to fix things. Then Tate, the super’s sexy son, shows up. Lexy and Tate spar over the latest maintenance issues, generating more heat than the recording breaking temperatures that have invaded their city. As her attraction to Tate grows, Lexy becomes more resistant to her fiance's demands, putting a wrench in her relationship and her impending marriage.

Big Balls by Amalie Silver
Her rules are simple:
1. Live the game.
2. Give 100%.
3. No dating during the season.
In a comfortable world where she's lived for three seasons, Jacky is the catcher, captain, and mother to the Beavers: her college fast-pitch softball team.
Tennis shoes and jeans are her style. But when Jacky meets Nolan she considers hanging up her cleats and baseball cap for a side of herself she's never seen: a feminine one.
But is she compromising her rules, team, scholarship, and herself all for the attention of the umpire, or does it take a set of big balls to walk away from it all.

Bad Summer Love by Phalla S. Rios
The Perfect Summer...
That's what, Ellie Sheen, had hoped would be when she arrived in Hawaii with her parents, leaving the real world and a broken heart behind for the week.
But nothing ever goes according to plans.
The boy, Marcus Conti, who broke her heart is also vacationing in Hawaii with his family near by.
When they run into each other, past pain and passion will ignite, leaving both of them wondering if their choices were right for them.
Just Him by Nickie Nalley Seidler
Attending a high school reunion single and alone is not a fate something Victoria Stone would ever befall her.
Being the cheerleading captain, prom queen, and MVP in Class of 04, the popular, talented, Toria planned her dreadful trip home to Summerville. She was hopeful and happy to see her friends--but Dallas McLane weighed heavy on her mind.
Dallas, her high school sweetheart, brought up thoughts of the past-- and suddenly thoughts become reality, and reality quickly becomes a mess. Toria is determined to find if her past can become her future. Hot and sexy Dallas only complicates things. Toria fears that the high school reunion will become nothing but a show--but then again, this just might be the time for her to take life by the reins and determine her own fate...
An Unexpected Journey by Taryn Plendl
Two friends. A confession of love. A misunderstanding. A life-altering secret.
Four years have separated Jay and Abby, but their love for each other has remained. Will a five day cruise to paradise be enough time to repair past hurts and allow them a second chance at love? Come along on this Unexpected Journey.

Captain by Katherine Rhodes
Glenda Parsons thought a week with her boyfriend Bill on St. Lucia would be the perfection vacation.
She was wrong.
Within two days of landing, she's broken up with Bill and moved out of the room--even taking on a "roommate" to get away from him. But the sexy Allen Macomb not only moves into the suite with her, but occupies her every waking thought. Glenda is torn between the emotions of her break-up and finding out what else Allen is beside a temporary roommate.

Crashing with Beau by Brittainy C. Cherry
Kate has always led a good girl life. Her parents were more wild than her, and she has yet to kiss a boy.
When she has two days before she begins college at Yale, she decides to live those two days to the fullest.
Enter Beau: A caring boy who shows Kate how to let loose and crash against the world.
A short story of love, laughter and youth.



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hey Flashers! Today is the official release day of NIGHTTIDES!! I'm so excited and we're offering it to you for one day only at a special price. Just $0.99 for today and then the proce goes back up to $3.99. Our book will also benefit the Animal Ark Charity and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the animals. I see that as a win-win.
10 Brand New Sexy Summer Stories and the animals benefit. I really hope you enjoy our book, teasers will be posted through out the week as well as author takeovers and a chance for US residents to win a Kindle with 10 ebooks from all the authors in the anthology. XOXO



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