One Summer - Nighttides Anthology

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hey Flashers! So now you've seen the cover for the Nighttides Anthology,
 but have I told you about my contribution, "One Summer" ??
Meet Abigail Holliday and Roman Winters! I don't know if I could have written a more opposites attract couple. Abby is fresh from law school and looking to find herself after sacraficing years in school and a fairly 'dead-end' relationship with her longtime boyfriend Lucas Crowley. Abby plans to get away for one last summer before getting back to the grind and working at her Dad's prestigious law firm in LA. Abby was meant for more than just running errands, researching cases and ordering coffee, but will she see that? 
Roman Winters is the bad boy of Gold Beach. A small coastal town in Oregon which he makes his summer home when he's not designing and building boats for his company in Seattle. Roman comes to Gold Beach to eascape the greedy women and failed relationships he left behind. He wasn't looking for love this summer, but then he meets Abby.
Will these two find a way to make it work with Lucas and LA lingering in the background,
 even if it's just for one summer?
RELEASES on 8/05/2014!!!!


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