Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Howdy Flashers! I hope everyone is staying safe this weekend while celebrating our Independence Day. I hear we've got crazy weather moving in to the East coast which likely means no bang bangs this year on the fourth. Ah well, I'll take a little rain over another hurricane any day. I'm really hoping this tropical storm Arthur, whoever he is stays ocean bound and leaves us the heck alone. While we're waiting for the weather guys to get it right one day, I'm putting FLASHPOINT on SALE this weekend for a limited time. SO through July 3rd to July 7th, book one in the Reed Series will be just $0.99. Log onto whatever format you prefer and get yourself a copy today. XOXO
My Sale promotion is also being advertised by Debra from The Book Enthusiast Promotions. She's hosting a number of other great books on sale and I recommend you check the titles listed as well. There's even a giveaway going on so please make sure to check that out! It's a long weekend, so I hope you get a few book hangovers. Just don't read and drive!! :-)


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