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Sunday, February 23, 2014

My appologies for being MIA this past week... Insanely busy is a supreme understatement lately... Between arranging a blog tour, book reviews, writing and that crazy thing call my 9-5 life it's been a wild ride to balance everything. I'm going to need one of those anti FB apps or something to keep me from checking things out! At this rate, I might even need to find a PA since the cat turned me down and start one of those street teams. So despite all my 'complaints' I'm having so much fun getting the word out and writing book number two. I have to say while it's hard to say goodbye to characters I've spent nearly the last three years with, the next couple in the Reed Series is certainly keeping me on my toes...
Hope y'all had a great weekend. XOXO
For my Flasher Fans out there... here's a little something from Flashpoint, book 1.
Jacob Reed and Katie Wilson.


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