Thursday, December 15, 2016

This January is the beginning of my new romantic comedy series. An amazing group of friends who find love. First loves getting a second chance, loves that stand the test of time, and humor to make you pee your pants. Love Under Construction is book one in the Love By Design series. Come meet a sullen, stubborn hero with a 2x4 stuck up his rear about falling in love, and a heroine who has watched every episode of the Property Brothers ready to flip her dream house. Between every construction nightmare possible, animals that need to move out, and friends determined to interfere, what could possible go right? Step into a small town with a big heart, and laugh your way into love. Each book in the LBD series is a standalone HEA romance and I can't wait for you to meet this couple.
XOXO m.c. cerny

★✩★ Love Under Construction (Book One, Love By Design Series) ★✩★

Hunter Hart knows construction. 
He knows relationships hurt after watching his parents self destruct.
Somehow he forgot all the warnings when Taylor Jane Bryant blasted through the crumbling foundation around his heart. 

Taylor Jane Bryant knows home design.
Well... she thinks she knows based on marathon sessions of her favorite television show.
Now she's all grown up and ready to nail the last stud, Hunter Hart.


Cover by CT Cover Creations :-)


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