The Naughty List is having a Blog Tour!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I'm having a #blogtour for The Naughty List. Are you a blogger? Interested in promotion or review of a sexy romantic comedy filled with shenanigans? TNL is book two in The Monroe Matchmaker Series.
Tour Dates: April 9th - April 16th
Carla Monroe, matchmaking momma and regular busybody, is about to play cupid once again. This time, she’s pairing her wild daughter with an unlikely match…the competition.
Priscilla Monroe is brash and impulsive. A freaking pain in the ass, if you ask her brother. She hasn’t found a man yet who can keep pace with her…or put up with her. 
Rand Knights is pure alpha. His confidence and pheromones are so strong, you might want to bottle it up for a lonely night. He thinks Pris will be the perfect one-night stand and the perfect dig at his competition, until he gets wrapped up in her killer legs. Now, he’s more interested in getting to know the feisty, headstrong, and foul-mouthed woman who just might make his life impossibly perfect.
Oh Priscilla....
Rand is one naughty guy...


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