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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey Flashers -

I am excitied to announce that this summer will bring three new short stories/novellas into your hungry little paws written by me. I am so blessed to be lucky enough to be working with a fan-effing-tastic group of women on three unique projects which will showcase a number of talented rockstar authors. So if you love HOooootttt!! Teachers, Sexy Summer stories and suspense that will keep you up all night wondering if you'll ever sleep again, then these anthologies are for you.

In other news, I've been crazy busy writting, plotting and marketing to bring these projects as well as a full length Reed Series novel to you before summer ends. That's right!! BEFORE summer ends. I won't lie it's been crazy. Home life has been in upheaval but things are slowly begining to come to terms with my insanity which is authorship and find a balance between all of this. Seriously though I could not do that without you, my readers, my fans and my biggest supporters. As a thank you I'm planning a special surprise. It's coming this weekend and I hope you'll like it. :-)

M.C. Cerny

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