Mr. Huntley's Wife Update & Preorder

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hey Readers,
In case you haven't heard, Mr. Huntley's Wife is releasing wide on Mach 15, 2019. In just a few weeks this dark, delicious, and deviant story is coming your way. 

Mr. Huntley’s Wife
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Adam Huntley is not who he seems under the scars and tattoos. 
Elizabeth Huntley is a woman scorned. A wife forgotten.

A web of lies and sex tie them together until the fragile threads begin to fray piece by piece. 

Adam returns thinking his wife will forgive him... little does he know, she plans to kill him.

A full-length 105k, dark romance standalone. 
Intended for mature audiences and includes dark themes.

Sometimes happily ever after is in the eye of the beholder.

Love was never supposed to happen...

Thursday, September 6, 2018

That's exactly how Lilah feels about Sam. Who needs the Playboy Prince of Darkness (sorry Denmark) to complete her life anyway? Certainly not college graduate Lilah Edison, heir to Lady Shaffer and her small farming estate. She has plans. Big plans that don't include the overbearing playboy of pleasure. Now if only she could rid herself of her little V-card problem to anyone other than Sam... she might actually be able to resign herself to a loveless marriage and birthing an heir and a spare for the good of her country.

Sam has other plans, ones that don't involve a mouthy lady with dirt under her nails and a flirtatious streak that has his property manager drooling over her... cookies. He might have to marry her, but he doesn't have to like it and plans to slake his desires elsewhere. That's fine, right up until the moment a shy beauty ends up in his club of kink and under him, literally. 

When the blindfolds come off and the truth is revealed, how far with this Royal Disaster go?

Royal and Reckless is LIVE!! 
$0.99 on all platforms!

Which Royal will rule your heart?

Friday, August 3, 2018

Just a few more weeks until you meet Sam and Lilah from my full length story, Royal Disaster. There's nothing better than a secretly arranged marriage to a princely playboy of your dreams. 

Or is there? 

Lilah is no fool. She'd rather be working on irrigation designs destined to save her grandmother's farm... but the prince has other ideas involving a rather naked lady in a compromising position once he's been stung by Lilah's rejection. 

It's a race down the aisle and only one can be the victor. 


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SALE on Love Under Construction

Saturday, May 26, 2018

One of my favorite books of all time is on SALE!


For a limited time.

I adore Hunter and Taylor Jane that I'm pretty sure they're getting a wedding novella... 
We can't seriously trust Damien to not lose a ring and Kristen to behave. 
We don't need to be a card reader to figure that out, hell's bells...

Check them out on all platforms:

The Warden

Friday, May 11, 2018


At only nineteen.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse...

I met him. 
Cohen Shephard.
The Warden.
With his sexy eyes, controlling demeanor, and badass attitude,
I was his for the taking.
And he wants me...
To help him.
In return, he’ll clear my name.
After all, I’m Benedicta Cruz.
And I’m innocent.
To an extent.

But I want more.
So much more.

Cohen Sheppard is here. Are you ready?

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Night Owl - Backlist Love

Friday, April 6, 2018

 <--- Do you remember this sweet looking old cover?!?! So much has changed since the original release of this book. Night Owl - was my first erotic romance where I wrote a ton of naughty bits with the story in between the good stuff. At the time I had been an admin for the Curvy Girl Romance group on Facebook and had the opportunity to author a 10k word short just for the readers. I wrote it late one night and popped into the group to share it. Several readers asked me for more naughty bits so I wrote this story as a serial and eventually completed it when the ending finally materialized. Casey is a hardworking curvy radio girl trying to make it to morning radio. Her boss James Austin owns the station and has been crushing on her since she walked in the door. His obsession with Casey borders a little on the unhealthy side but his intentions are pure - mostly. *wink* At this point in the story we're more worried about the stalker who is harassing Casey and making her fledgling romance with James problematic. Add in a cameo from the Reed Series/Flashpoint and things get interesting real quick.

So after edits and a brand new cover design, see right here ---> Night Owl was officially published as a complete book in February 2017. No more searching for the serials all over and having to wait for the next serial or cliffhanger. Easy Peasy, right?

Do you like the new cover?
How do you feel about serials?
Do you love curvy girls and sexy radio executives?

Want to check out Night Owl? It's available right now on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited. For a short time, it also includes my student/professor taboo romance Deviation.


Summer Ever After - Backlist Love

Friday, March 16, 2018

 Happy Friday! This week I wanted to revisit one of my favorite books I've ever written... Considering the weeks of back to back snow storms we've been having, and the prediction of yet another Nor'easter to hit next Tuesday... Summer Ever After is a welcome relief to the cold, wet junk still on the ground right now.

Roman and Abby... *le sigh*

My unexpected couple who overcome misunderstandings and find each other over their love of avocados and sunshine. Just kidding, I'm sure the hot sexy time didn't hurt either. LOL

So if you're looking to escape the droll continuation of a never-ending winter, check this book out.   XOXO

Summer Ever After

At the end of the day, Roman Winters doesn't give up on the girl he loves. All it takes is a little prodding from his nosy neighbor lady, a spunky lovable dog, and the whole dang town... 

Abby's law degree can't help her decipher the mechanics of love or understand its loss when it's over too soon. Loving Roman is unexpected and sweet. It's the very thing she needs at a time she thinks love is gone.

Will they stay connected when summer ends and find happily ever after?
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